Vegaliano webshop

VEGALIANO is 100% Vegan online store offering you the best selection of Italian food—straight from Italy to your home. Born and raised in Apulia, Italy, and coming from a career in the food & beverage industry, for many years I had a dream to share the beauty of the Italian cuisine with absolutely everyone, no matter where you come from. But through my family’s journey to veganism, I questioned how can I find a way to be faithful to a cuisine that is authentic, simple, and has been inspiring people from all over the world for centuries? Well after my personal journey to undertake the vegan philosophy and much research, I launched VEGALIANO

VEGALIANO is not just any online store, we offer individually selected and sourced products, with many coming from small family-run companies, that we have personally visited and continue to work alongside with. Seeking an ethical procurement structure is key to what VEGALIANO does, because we are aware of the animal suffering endured in animal agriculture, therefore we strive to work and constantly search for suppliers (including their parent companies) who do not support the Meat and Dairy industry.

Our end goal is to contribute to the societal shift by being a piece of the puzzle within the amazing growth of the vegan food industry. It is why, VEGALIANO strives to promote the vegan philosophy through constantly searching for products to can shift the way we see traditional food—respecting culinary cultures does not mean we cannot evolve to do so with a kinder perspective. I am a firm believer that choosing Vegan does not mean you need to abandon the traditional foods you love. We just need to learn to veganize it and have access to great tasting products with ingredients that can recreate the traditional flavors with love.

With this vision, our shop offers the finest selection of Italian products with a vegan twist, all made in Italy with Italian ingredients. Keen to also bring you products that are with few ingredients, free of palm oil, and free of additives and coloring. Whether you are vegan or given our products a try, know that as a 100% vegan shop run by vegans we always make sure all products are 100% plant-based, so you can shop with confidence that they are safe for vegan consumption.