About the app

TheVegCat is a completely non-commercial database of vegan products - not only food, but also shoes, clothes, housewares and much more. It contains a detailed list of products with information about the manufacturer, sales points and prices.

TheVegCat does not sell, but provides the fastest way to the store - to the webshop or to the physical location by displaying its location on the map.

Information about prices and points of sale is subject to change, so the accuracy of the information depends mostly on our users. Any information about any vegan product that you can share with us (new product, correction of an existing product, price for an existing product, shop that is no longer in business) will help all other vegans and people who want to become one, and you can submit it here.

Searching is possible by multiple data: product name, manufacturer, store name, address (country, city or street, while for some addresses we also support city districts).