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E300 - Ascorbic acid

Food additives

Group: E300–E399 (antioxidants, acidity regulators)
E300 is an additive approved by the EU (European Union) and used as a natural antioxidant in food and drink products.
The common name for E300 is ascorbic acid, which is also known as Vitamin C.
Although a natural antioxidant occurring in most fruits and vegetables, E300 can also be produced synthetically from the fermentation and oxidation of glucose. It is a sugar acid that is most commonly used as a bread enhancer by acting as a flour-treating agent.
Vitamin C should be included in the diet every day because only a little is stored in the body.
Lack of E300 may lead to scurvy because vitamin C is important for the healthy development of bones, teeth and blood vessels. E300 may also act to reduce wrinkles by aiding to production of collagen in the skin.

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