Food additives

Group: E100–E199 (colours)

Oleorezin paprike, kapsantin, kapsorubin
Prirodna narančasto-crveno bojila iz skupine karotenoida. Dobivaju se kemijskom ekstrakcijom paprike. Smatraju se bezopasnima.
E160c is a food additive approved by the European Union (EU). It is used as a natural colouring agent in food and drink products.
The common names for E160c are paprika extract, capsanthin or capsorubin.
E160c is a deep red colouring and flavouring, derived from red bell peppers (capsicum annuum). The peppers are dried and ground before paprika is extracted using solvents. Capsanthin may be used in poultry feed to increase the intensity of the egg yolk colour.
In extreme cases E160c may irritate the eyes and even cause temporary blindness. Eating vast quantities may reduce the effectiveness of taste buds. However, this natural colouring is generally considered safe in food products approved by the EU, but is banned in Australia.