Food additives

Group: E100–E199 (colours)

E160b is a food additive approved by the European Union (EU). It is used as a natural colouring agent in food and drink products.
The common names for E160b are anatto, bixin or norbixin.
E160b is a yellow-to-red colouring derived from the seeds of the annatto tree (Bixa orellana). Bixin refers to the fat soluble form of the colouring, whereas norbixin refers to the water soluble form. As well as being a food additive, E160b can be used as a colouring for body paints and can also act as a agent to help digestion.
E160b has now been introduced as an alternative colouring to tartrazine, which is also known as E102. However, there may still be a chance of E160b provoking an allergic reaction.