Fatty acids

Dodaci hrani

Fats, whether from plant or animal origin, consist of glycerol and generally 3 fatty acids. Fats can enzymatically be split in fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids can be purified and reconnected to glycerol as mono- di- of triglycerides (glycerol with 1, 2 or 3 fatty acids respectively). Many additives consist of these semi-natural fats, which act as emulsifiers. These semi-natural fats are degraded and metabolise din the body, just like normal fat. Chemically the fatty acids from animal or plant origin are identical. Therefore the origin is of no importance for the function in the food. Producers thus normally choose the cheapest oils to make these fats. This is generally some vegetable oil. However, animal fats can not be excluded. Unfortunately it is not possible to distinguish animal and vegetable fatty acids in the final product. Only the producer can provide information on the origin. As there is a risk for animal fats, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and vegans should avoid these products, unless the origin is mentioned by the producer.